A Few Words about Solar Energy

You have probably heard it all before; that one day, we will be able to use all renewable resources and cut ourselves loose from the stranglehold of foreign oil and fossil fuels. You have probably heard it so many times that you may have stopped believing it. Have you ever really stopped to think about it though? Each and every day, most consumers use a great deal of energy.They use electric power to light their houses, gas power to cook their food and run their cars, as well as a long list of other non-renewable energy sources. You may not think that you use that much, but even multiplying your usage by a few billion is still a great deal of energy used each day.When you remember that sources such as fossil fuels are not easily or quickly renewed, then you can begin to see that we may not be far away from big trouble.

Not only are we in danger of running out of these resources, but the processes used to collect them and refine them is costly to the consumer, and even more costly to the environment. Even now, areas are being stripped of their natural resources and polluted with chemicals. Animals are seeing their habitats destroyed to either gather resources, or make room for more power plants and companies to process them. Our only answer; our only way out of this is to search for renewable sources of energy that we can harness safely and effectively. Luckily, we do not have to look far to find them. Take the sun; it comes up each and every day beaming rays of warmth and light down upon us. What we have wasted for so many years has now been found to be a valuable source of energy. Not only are solar panels a great addition to millions of homes today, but there are other solar powered items in the works, such as the solar powered car. There are even giant solar panels made to catch the moonlight as well, and harness it into useable energy.

Unfortunately, we have not yet found a way to harness enough solar energy to make ourselves completely independent of the power companies, but we should all remember that every little bit helps. Even cutting half your power bill through the use of solar powered energy can make a difference of several hundred dollars each year.