Battery Banks for Solar or Wind Energy

A nice sized, and properly managed, battery bank, is typically the foundation of nearly every offgrid energy generating systems, regardless if is wind power, solar power, or engine driven generators. Battery banks tend to be as well the trigger of many issues using self-sufficient alternative energy systems. Batteries require to be swithced approximately eight and twelve yrs, as well as eventually end up expensive if improperly maintained.

All of us have discovered a excellent offer because of forklift users which use big batteries in order to use these types of equipment, and suggest that anyone employ this fundamental as guidelines:.

* Constantly try to use the smallest size battery bank that may always seem usable.
* Take care of specific consideration the actual protective cover of your batteries.
* Execute most of factors in order to extend the actual life period of your batteries as a lot as possible.

Together with these suggestions in consideration, we suggest this one instead decide on a bigger wind generator, or larger tower, than a bigger battery bank size. Obtain superior measuring tools in order to figure out the actual performance of the battery cells. Maintain batteries nice and clean and located in a dry location.

A excellent size battery bank for any 3kWatt wind generator is four hundred ampere hour. Which means when you buy 2 Volt cells, with a 36Volts system, buy 18 of 400 ampere hour cells. When you buy 12 Volt, 100 amp hr units, you may require 3 x 4 , which is 12 batteries.

The discharge rate, through the Inverter, must not get more than 10% to 20% of the battery capacity. In the Forklift industry, people use 2 sets of batteries, 1 getting charged, while the second is in use.

Always keep in mind that if the inverter pulls sixty amperes from the system, and your wind generator is charging at a speed of forty five amperes, that the batteries are only discharging at a rate of fifteen amperes.

Ensure that the battery bank is charged to completely at least once a week. Batteries that are operating for long periods of time under the optimum capacity, looses its capacity to contain its intended full load capacity. In order to understand if a battery bank is fully charged, calculate its acid SG. It must be in between 1.24 and 1.26.