Cost Effective DIY Solar Panel Ideas

One of the biggest objections to commercial uses of solar energy is the cost associated with setting up solar arrays and a sufficient number of solar cells to make the project beneficial. In many cases, the initial investment would not be fully paid off before the solar panels had to be replaced and the entire project started anew. So if that is the case, why would anybody ever really consider installing solar panels at all? Is there any cost-effective solution to allow the average person to use solar energy? Are DIY Solar Kits going to be enough to make any real difference in your power bill?

The short answer to all of the above questions is yes. At least in most cases and especially if you live somewhere that has a relatively large amount of sun shining through on a regular basis. However, even if you do not, you can still make your very own DIY solar panels for a very reasonable price and use them to power smaller projects around your home. As solar technology advances, the prices are decreasing. As the prices continue to drop, more and more people will turn to solar power as an energy supplement. If you already have your foot in the door and know a bit about solar energy and how to set up your own solar panels, you will just be that much further ahead in the game.

Now, since the name of the game here is cost-effective, most of the projects generally involve lighting that already runs on a twelve volt system. Think about cars for a moment. How bright are those headlights? How many colorful lighting systems have you seen on many of those low-riders and other vehicles that cruise around with fluorescent lights shining out from underneath? Any projects like that are excellent for the beginner with DIY solar energy and the costs are minimum while the effects on a yard can be amazing and something that friends and family will discuss, often making your yard the place to gather and your home the social hotspot of the neighborhood.

One of the most common home improvements, DIY solar power projects in more urban areas is selective property lighting. Lighting can be used to enhance your backyard or your front yard. Line your driveway with fancy lights that will be sure to impress all of your neighbors. Imagine having all of your trees or flowerbeds subtly lit with different shades of lighting? Imagine walkway lights around your backyard pool or barbecue pit. Now imagine that once you are done with the initial costs, these lights will cost you virtually nothing with the exception of the occasional light bulb replacement.

If you really want to get creative, there are certainly many other uses for small, DIY solar energy designs that can be equally as fun and as rewarding. Really, the only limitations are your imagination and just how large a solar panel you can afford and have room for. One person, having recently upgraded their car stereo, actually installed a bar replete with lights and his old car stereo by the pool in his backyard. Between that and all the lights, his place is a constant favorite for pool parties and barbecues. Are there truly affordable (and fun) DIY solar energy projects that you can do at home? The possibilities really are seemingly endless.