Solar Energy Sources Are Endless

Almost every power plant around the world operates using fossil fuels to generate energy for the use at out house. Since man learned how to generate power has been using fossil fuel. When fossil fuels where discovered and people started using it no one thinked about future consequences. Most of our energy comes from the use of fossil fuels and it is starting to run out. That means that at some point (if we don’t find another source) it will run out. Before it runs out, we will see the price go up. At that point, wind and solar will have advanced enough, become efficient enough so that it costs less, and then people will choose the cheaper energy source.

In my opinion the need for fossil fuels will never end because at the end of the day almost every power tool need some type of fuel and most of there are derivates from petrol. If we want this to change we will need to search other sources of energy that can supplement fossil fuels and at the same time is more environmental friendly. Hydro electric power plant seem to be an option but it will require high water falls so it can be more effective. Using the power of the wind is also another option that people is starting to use. Tidal and thermal is another option that can be considered.

Diy solar panels is one of the sources that have been gaining interest. Scientists have said that the power of the sun will las for another 4.5 billion years. That means that solar energy sources are endless. The sun’s radiation is estimated to be at 1,400 watts per square meter. All this power can be easily absorbed by our solar panels and then converter to useful energy. Even that solar cells have 15% efficiency, it is still a free and cleaner solution that fossil fuels.

Even that solar energy is a good source of energy it has some disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of the use of solar energy:


  • It doesn’t polluted the environment.
  • The solar panels array needs little maintenance.
  • We have 4.5 billion years of solar energy that we can use.


  • Although that the Solar light is abundant, many non tropical locations will not get enough solar radiation to produce power sufficient power for use.
  • Is only available during day times meaning that energy will have to be stored for use at night.
  • Solar cell generate direct current (DC) that need to be transformed in to AC power so it can be user in our house hold applications.

Once massive development of the use of solar energy is materialized, expect that every household or industry in the world will now be powered by solar energy. It is not just a dream, it will be a dream come true.