Sun an Ecential Part Of Life

The sun is an essential part of life. With out it we might not even exist. With the side effects of the use of fossil fuels the rays of the sun are getting easier to inside of planet earth causing global warming. It is time for us to search for healthier way to produce energy. The sun’s radiation is estimated to be at 1,400 watts per square meter. Why don’t we use that energy that the sun give us for free and turn it to a usable power that we can acquire through the sun rays. Here are some benefits of using solar power:

* Solar energy helps us to save money.

The highest record of residential electric rate was estimated in 2006. In many areas around the world was recorded a 60% increase. Many experts said that this increases for energy use would be increasing year after year. They weren’t wrong. Today energy consumption is greater than ever and people is starting to pay large sums of money for their electric bill. Using the power of the sun to produce energy could save you hundreds of dollars especially today that energy costs are going up every day.

*  Solar energy can save the environment.

Looking for homemade energy sources is obviously a way to reduce pollution. By utilizing the power of the sun you will be using less fossil fuels, that way producing less waste to the environment. Utilizing solar energy sources you won’t be producing any waste that can damage our planet and at the same time you could be saving money.

*  You can receive incentive from the government for using alternative energy sources.

Some states in the US give 20%-30%  and up to $2000 tax credit to cover some expenses of the total system cost. Every state varies so you might want to check if this offer applies to you State.

*Solar system don’t require or require little maintenance.

Solar cells can have a high span of life meaning they will last a long period of time. Most of the manufacturer give a 25 year warranty on their solar panels, that can tell you how usable and long lasting the solar panels are.

*You can improve quality of life by using green diy energy or other alternative energy sources.

If we all start searching for other sources of energy rather than using fossil fuels we all be contributing to lower the environmental waste that petrol produces. By lowering environmental waste can contribute to stop the global warming and stop all those natural disasters that are occurring on this time that the environment has been affected.

By doing this you’ll be leaving a legacy to our future generations but this can only be achieve in a collective way. We all have to do our part to help and save our world. We cannot depend on the government only. If we the people unite with the government and both, the people and the government work as one we will have the power to prevent our world to go extinct. This will only come true when we all start using alternative energy sources and recycling our own waste.

*By using solar energy we can reduce the big and unstoppable demand for non biodegradable materials.

The Grid utility need to create the necessary materials to provide every city with sufficient energy. They need to make power lines like electric cable and steel and so many other non biodegradable parts that contribute and create more waste. Non to mention all the energy produced from fossil fuel that this industry needs to use in order to create all this hazardous materials.

People needs to start considering how we treat our home (the world). At the pace we have we could loose everything we have worked for if we don’t take action and correct the mess we are making contaminating our environment. Take some time and think “Would you let you kids live in the dump we leave”. I don’t think so…