The way DIY Solar Panels Work

The solar cells work through what is known as the photovoltaic process. Certain materials release an electrical charge when they are exposed to the solar radiation and this power is then channeled into your storage or battery pack and from there, you can either run  DC current directly from your storage or batteries or you can divert the collected solar energy through a power inverter and convert it to AC current that is commonly used in most households.

While there may be many variations depending on your exact needs, desires and expectations … and perhaps on what all you can afford to do, the future looks bright for solar power. Materials and pre-fabricated solar panels are all quickly becoming more and more affordable and people are becoming increasingly aware of just how viable solar power is to supplement their personal energy consumption. Maybe you want to start with a smaller project to see how it all fits and maybe you are ready to power your home with solar energy but at least now, you should have a fair understanding of exactly how it all works. The next step will be figuring out what you want, need and expect from your DIY solar panels and then you can begin looking at specifics.