Water Power – A Great Energy Source

In recent years, there has been a jump for consumers and industries alike to find better and cheaper forms of energy, and forms that were better for the environment and its inhabitants. Everyone is looking to end the stranglehold that foreign oil seems to have over this country, and the quicker we can get it done, the better. Perhaps the shaky state of the economy has contributed to the recent push towards the green movement. Not only are we looking at the
impact that we have on the earth itself, but we are also looking for better and cheaper ways to provide energy. Everyone is more concerned about where their money is going, and that is adding to the urgency.

There are many different types of renewable energy out there, including wind power, water power, solar power and thermal power. Perhaps one of the best known types out there is the water power. People have been harnessing the energy of water for thousands of years. Farms used water energy to power equipment, and then industries began to use the same technologies on a larger scale. However, when oil and gasoline came about, they ended up
being cheaper to use. However, what started out as a cheaper alternative turned out to be much more costly than we ever imagined. The drilling used to get to the oil left permanent damage to the areas, the processes used to turn that oil into usable items such as gasoline also caused a great impact to the environment, and the burning of oil based fuels has added more pollution to the earth than we ever could have imagined.

Think about how many cars were on the road when gasoline power started to take hold. Now think about how many cars are on the road every minute of every day. Millions of cars are burning fuel and oil, spitting out harmful fumes that float up into the atmosphere and stay there. It’s no wonder that many of our cities have a permanent haze of smog hanging around. Luckily,
water power technology is growing in leaps and bounds, and we are closer than ever to developing water into a usable energy source for consumers. Pretty soon, you will be able to drive cars that run on water instead of gasoline; that throw out water vapor instead of harmful exhaust. Hopefully that day is not too far away, and we can begin to repair some of what we
have done to the earth.