What are Solar Water Heaters?

A solar water heater isn’t like your everyday water heater. Instead of it being operated from pure electricity that is sent to your home from a power plant that is using fossil fuels to fuel it, your energy comes straight from the sun. In other words, your energy is 100 percent natural. It doesn’t have to travel through electrical wires to make your water hot.

Instead of electricity, solar water heaters have solar thermal collectors and a system that consists of fluid that moves heat from the thermal collectors to the usage point. The system may have to use electricity in order for the fluid system to work, but the amount of electricity that is used is very minimal. It is much less than what would be used if the entire system operated off of electricity itself.

The solar water heater will also have a reservoir that will store the heated water for use. Homes, businesses, and industrial environments can use solar water heaters to heat their water.

Systems can be constructed to be different sizes to accommodate the particular structure that the heated water is for.

So what are the benefits of using solar water heaters?

· You are doing a great service to the environment by using minimal electricity. Minimal electricity means fewer fossil fuels being used. Not using so much in fossil fuels means a safer environment for you, a safer environment for your family, and animals can continue to enjoy their natural habitats.

· There are tax incentives that you can take advantage of. When you install something in your home or business that uses renewable energy, you’ll find that you can get a tax credit on your next tax return.

· You also save money because you’re not using as much electricity. Electricity is beginning to get very expensive. It seems like power companies are looking to increase between the tax incentive and the money saved from using so much electricity, your solar water heater is going to more than pay for itself. You’re going to feel really good about what you are doing for the environment. You’re also going to feel rather great when you see the tax incentives and can take advantage of them. So not only is the world becoming a little more beautiful, but so is your wallet. Actually, your wallet may actually grow from using renewable energy.