Why Renewable Energy And Eco-Friendly Tactics Matter

You might be sitting at home wondering why all of this renewable energy and these eco-friendly products and changes should matter to you. It is rather simple, renewable energy and ecofriendly is the future. You see hybrid cars all over the freeways now, green advertising is everywhere; and in many new homes solar panels are installed to utilize renewable energy and make life more eco-friendly.

Consumers Beware

Green, at times can be a huge turn off to consumers, not only because it tries to make people feel guilty for driving SUVs or taking a longer shower, but because it has been overdone. Be careful also, just because a company says that something is green does not make it green. One of the best examples I can give is at Victoria’s Secret. I love Victoria’s Secret and believe that they should stick to what they do best, making beautiful lingerie, instead of making political and eco-friendly statements. In their Pink line, you will notice an enormous amount of peace sings and statements such as Vote Green. It was interesting to be told by the store manager at one location, that they were amused by the hypocrisy of opening the green products boxes and seeing that all of them were shipped in plastic!

Global Warming Is Not Killing Us

As much as many environmentalists and celebrities may want you to believe that global warming is the most dire of situations, and is completely manmade, its just not true. If we all don’t stop eating meat once a week, which would be the equivalent of taking millions of cars of the road due to greenhouse gases by the livestock industry, we are not all going to die. It is bothersome to see that climate change which may or may not have a disastrous outcome to our planet, being compared to the lives that are being taken away by radical Islamic terrorists.

Do What You Want

If you want to drive an electric car, do it, just don’t expect everyone else to. If you want to become a vegan, that’s great, some of the desserts are actually great. Going green and living organically is not always economically friendly, so be realistic. If you want to have fun trying out eco-friendly homemade beauty products, have fun! But my goodness, stop with all the green already!